2,864.94 TL BIST 100 BIST 100
17.96 $ USD USD
€18.41 EUR EUR
20.07 TL Interest Interest
97.11 $ Fossil Oil Fossil Oil
3.61 $ Copper Copper
20.59 $ Silver Silver
110.23 $ Iron Ore Iron Ore
370.00 $ Ship Dismantling Ship Dismantling
1,034.81 TL Gold Gold

The mining industry will meet in Tuyap in 2022

Mining Turkey Fair, the most comprehensive fair of the mining industry, will bring together its exhibitors and visitors for the 10th time in Tüyap Istanbul between 15-18 December 2022.

The mining industry will meet in Tuyap in 2022

Mining Turkey Fair, the most comprehensive fair of the mining industry, will bring together its exhibitors and visitors for the 10th time in Tüyap Istanbul between 15-18 December 2022.

With its wide scope, the Fair will be the platform where everyone can find what they are looking for.

At the fair, products and services will be exhibited under the main headings of selection, definition and determination of the boundaries of the mine site, preparation of the environment and working areas of the mine area, ore extraction, ore preparation and enrichment.

The fair offers its visitors from drilling machinery and equipment to cutting-loading-transporting machinery and equipment, from geological survey equipment to drilling machinery and equipment, from grinding-crushing-screening-sorting machinery and equipment to chemical enrichment materials and equipment, from occupational and worker health equipment to generators, electric motors, It offers the opportunity to examine all kinds of products and equipment, from transformers to transformers, under one roof.

The Success of 2021 Will Continue Exponentially in 2022

In 2021 T.C. Deputy Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Prof. Dr. The fair, which Şeref Kalaycı also visited on the opening day, hosted 409 exhibitors from 28 countries and 11,488 visitors from 57 countries. At the fair, which continued its steady growth, domestic and foreign companies and visitors had the opportunity to establish new collaborations, strengthen and develop existing collaborations.

In 2021 T.C. Mining Turkey Fair, also supported by the Ministry of Commerce and KOSGEB, proved once again that it is one of the most important trade platforms in the mining industry.

The Ministry of Commerce of the Republic of Turkey also Supports the Mining Sector

The mining sector, which provides an important input to industrial production, is an important building block on the basis of economic development. Speaking at the 4th Mining Workshop, T.C. Rıza Tuna Turagay, Deputy Minister of Trade, said, “The success of all our sectors in exports is extremely important in order for our country to achieve its future goals. The mining industry, which broke the historical export record of the republic with $5.9 billion based on the data we have available as the Ministry, had a productive year in 2021. As the importance given by countries to sustainability increases, the production of critically important minerals and rare earth elements gains in value. At this point, we can show natural stones as the mines of the future. As the Ministry, our biggest goal is to produce end products and products with high added value. We have to do this entirely with our own production. The more we transform our mines into end products, the more likely we will be successful. As the Ministry, we are here to provide all kinds of support to pave the way for the mining industry.”

Sales Started!

As the most comprehensive fair of the sector, the preparations for the year 2022 of the fair, which received full marks from all its stakeholders in 2021, started without waiting. With the goal of being stronger than ever in its 10th year, Mining Turkey 2022 sales have started.



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