İnşaat Noktası was established in 2012 with the aim of creating commercial and up-to-date information of the construction and structure sectors. Since its establishment, it has become the solution place of the industry. While providing information flow to industry stakeholders locally and globally, it has become the compass of many institutions and organizations. Iron ore-steel, scrap, etc. with a neutral and objective broadcast line. It continues to contribute to commercial activities by publishing up-to-date market prices and news about developments. At the same time, it aims to inform its visitors about current projects and to facilitate communication within the sector with its company directory.

Inşaat Noktası is a trademark of MRP Bilgi Teknolojileri A.Ş.


Inşaat Noktası, as it is aware of all developments in the economy, money markets, iron and steel and scrap industry, construction and building industry before anyone else, and ensures that you stay away from panic attacks attempts in the economy. This provide to you from being exposed to market speculation and manipulations, and always bases its visitors on its simple, clear and understandable way.
Inşaat Noktası is an industrial shopping mall.
İnşaat Noktası does not allow you to reach the right information about the construction industry and companies that own construction materials from a single address.

At the same time;

With more than 60,000 datas of companies in, which gives the opportunity to prevent the loss of time in the purchasing units of the companies; accesses the contact information of all relevant sector stakeholders for the product or service sought, chooses the most appropriate among them and saves time. creates brand awareness for your company.

While providing information about your company and your products with the database determined by categories and e-mails sent directly to the target customers you want to reach, it provides the opportunity to accurately convey the activities of your company in the news studies, and contributes to your gaining a place and name in the sector.

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