2,796.66 TL BIST 100 BIST 100
17.95 $ USD USD
€18.31 EUR EUR
21.42 TL Interest Interest
95.22 $ Fossil Oil Fossil Oil
3.55 $ Copper Copper
19.92 $ Silver Silver
105.85 $ Iron Ore Iron Ore
370.00 $ Ship Dismantling Ship Dismantling
1,022.45 TL Gold Gold

The industry gathers under one roof with Mining Turkey 2021

Tuyap will bring together all the stakeholders of the industry under one roof for the 9th time in Mining Turkey 2021, the most comprehensive meeting of the mining industry in Eurasia. The fair, which will be held between 9-12 December with the support of KOSGEB and the Ministry of Trade, will bring together industry professionals with the participation of qualified companies from Turkey and abroad. It is preparing to be the choice of industry professionals this year, with the visitor registration it has already received from 59 countries.

The industry gathers under one roof with Mining Turkey 2021

With the digital solutions developed by Tüyap, exhibitors and visitors will be able to come together digitally before, during and after the exhibition through the online business network platform Business Connect Program, and establish long-term cooperation.

The mining industry started exporting quickly in 2021. Exports increased by 57.9%. The fair, which enables the sector to establish productive business connections for all its stakeholders, will carry the export figures even higher.

Steady increase in the number of visitors and exhibitors

Bringing together industry stakeholders, manufacturers, non-governmental organizations, relevant ministries and their affiliates, universities, sectoral press and professional visitors, Mining Turkey Fair steadily increases the number of visitors and participants every year.

In the previous fair, 448 exhibitors from 33 countries such as Germany, America, China, Russia, Japan, Canada, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, France, 762 foreigners from 69 countries, a total of 11,082 visitors and Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, North Macedonia, Ghana, Purchasing delegations from Nigeria, Iran and Saudi Arabia were hosted. The fair, where all the machinery and equipment, consumables, auxiliary materials and services required by surface and underground mining were exhibited and all exhibitors and visitors were satisfied, had an increase of 14% in the number of participants and 17% in the number of visitors in the same year. It is expected that the steady increase in both the number of exhibitors and visitors will continue at this year's fair. The fair can be visited until 17.00 on Sunday, December 12.

KOSGEB and Procurement Committee Program support

This year, it will bring together industry representatives with the support of KOSGEB. KOSGEB will provide support to the enterprises participating in the fair. Participants will be able to benefit from the support by applying to KOSGEB. Receiving the support of the Ministry of Commerce's Overseas Procurement Delegation Program this year, the fair will bring together the participants with the procurement committees and create a convenient trading platform for the development of the industry.

Negotiations will start before the fair

Through the Business Connect Program developed by Tüyap, the exhibitors will be able to find suitable business contacts by searching and filtering between 6 and 8 December before the fair, send requests, send messages and make meeting plans. They will have the chance to create an infrastructure for productive business meetings during the fair. Matched exhibitors and visitors between 9-12 December will be able to hold online or face-to-face meetings via the Business Connect Program.

Safe fair environment

Tuyap, which directs the development of many sectors from defense to packaging, from agriculture to construction, through the fairs it organizes, will meticulously implement the COVID-19 measures it applies at every fair in Mining Turkey 2021 as well. As the first exhibition center to receive the Turkish Standards Institute's COVID-19 Safe Service Certificate, it will create a safe exhibition environment for its exhibitors and visitors with the measures it has taken.

We are waiting for all our followers at the Mining Turkey fair, where we are media partners and participants.



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