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Inflation fell in Spain

Inflation in Spain fell to single digits after 3 months, reaching 9% in September.

Inflation fell in Spain

According to the statement made by the Spanish National Institute of Statistics (INE), inflation, which has been in double digits for the last 3 months in a row, due to the energy crisis caused by the Russia-Ukraine war, dropped back to single digits in September.

It fell to 6.2 percent in September.

Inflation, which was 9% in September, was 10.2% in June, 10.8% in July and 10.5% in August. Core inflation, which was 6.4% in August, declined to 6.2% in September.

The sources of the Ministry of Economy, who made an assessment to the Spanish official news agency EFE, stated that the moderate trend that started in August continues and stated that the measures taken especially to encourage public transportation and to soften the increase in prices have a positive effect on inflation.

Experts also predicted that the downward trend in inflation would continue in the absence of new events in the coming months despite the tension in the energy markets.


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