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17.96 $ USD USD
€18.41 EUR EUR
20.07 TL Interest Interest
97.11 $ Fossil Oil Fossil Oil
3.61 $ Copper Copper
20.59 $ Silver Silver
110.23 $ Iron Ore Iron Ore
370.00 $ Ship Dismantling Ship Dismantling
1,034.81 TL Gold Gold

Aluminum Industry is Ready for Giant Meeting

Hannover Messe Ankiros Fuarcılık A.Ş., which has been organizing the leading fairs of the metallurgy sector in Turkey for 30 years. The 7th International Aluminum Technologies, Machinery and Products Specialization Fair - ALUEXPO, which will be held by ALUEXPO, opens its doors to its exhibitors and visitors at Istanbul Expo Center on March 3, 4.5, 2022.

Aluminum Industry is Ready for Giant Meeting

Aluminum Industry Meets in Istanbul!

Aluminum is gaining importance day by day as the most widely used metal in the world after iron and steel. ALUEXPO continues to be the indispensable meeting point of aluminum manufacturers and suppliers from all over the world with the advantage of the sector's strength and geographical location. ALUEXPO, which was organized for the first time in 2009, showed a great development in a short time in parallel with the sector and became one of the 3 most important fairs in the world in terms of size.

Considering that both the production and consumption of aluminum in Turkey and in the world are increasing very rapidly, ALUEXPO is an unmissable opportunity for the business world.

Why Aluexpo?

This year is the year of innovations and new records for Aluexpo; Our journey, which we started in halls 9 and 10 in 2009, was crowned this year with new halls, new settlements and a record stand area. The net stand area, which was 9,197 m2 in 2019, reached 11,700 m2 this year, increasing by 27%. A total of 348 companies, including 203 domestic and 145 foreign companies from 29 countries, will present their newest technologies and most creative products to the aluminum world.

The fair is expected to be visited by aluminum manufacturers and suppliers, construction and construction, automotive, white goods, defense, transportation, packaging, energy, aluminum kitchenware and many other sectors where aluminum products are used extensively.

Experts of the Aluminum Industry are at the 10th International Aluminum Symposium Stage!

Simultaneously with ALUEXPO, the 10th International Aluminum Symposium will be held in cooperation with TALSAD, TMMOB Chamber of Metallurgical and Materials Engineers Training Center-METEM and Tübitak MAM. In the symposium, the leading names of the sector, experts and academicians will introduce technological developments and an effective environment will be created to share information and opinions with the audience on the solution of the problems encountered in the sector. The symposium will create a projection for Turkey's place in the aluminum world and its future by examining the sector in economic, technological and scientific fields and providing information about new developments.

Detailed information can be found at

The future of the aluminum world will be drawn at ALUEXPO in special sessions where representatives of the 10th International Aluminum symposium, EAA-European Aluminum Association, USA Aluminum Association, EAFA European Aluminum Foil Association will present their presentations on global trends.

All suppliers of the aluminum industry: melting, casting, heat treatment and reheating technologies, pressure casting machinery and equipment, permanent casting machinery and equipment, continuous casting machinery and equipment, refractories and insulation materials, rolling technologies, extrusion and wire drawing technologies, casting, forging and extrusion dies, production and materials of dies and components, test, measurement and control technologies, scrap processes, recycling, reclamation, recycling technologies, surface treatments, service and consultancy services, associations and publications will again take their place at ALUEXPO.

All manufacturers of the aluminum industry: primary aluminum, secondary aluminum, semi-finished aluminum products; plate, profile, ingot, billet, etc., casting, forging, rolling products, aluminum system products for architectural applications, semi-finished products for industrial production and other aluminum products.

Aluminum Casting and High Pressure Casting technologies are included in ALUEXPO;

ALUEXPO, which is of great importance for the fast-growing aluminum casting industry, brings together both the manufacturers and suppliers of the casting industry on this professional platform. Primary and secondary aluminum producers, casting, permanent and high pressure casting and forging, rolling technology producers and users will meet at Aluexpo.



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