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WIN EURASIA continues to bring the technology of the future together with the industry

Organized by Hannover Fairs Turkey at Istanbul Expo Center, WIN EURASIA fair brought industry professionals together in an area of ​​24 thousand square meters.

WIN EURASIA continues to bring the technology of the future together with the industry

Organized by Hannover Fairs Turkey, WIN EURASIA fair brought together industry professionals in its new date and new location on an area of ​​24 thousand square meters.

The fair with activities shaped around the theme of 'Industrial Transformation'; logistics, supply chain management, welding and robotic welding technologies, automation and fluid power systems, industrial production machinery, from sheet metal forming to metal forming technologies, from automation technologies to electrical and electronic equipment, from hydraulic and pneumatic systems to in-plant logistics - brings the system together with industry professionals and visitors.

Intense interest in industrial 5G scenarios

Continuing to shed light on the technologies of the future every year, WIN EURASIA also featured the 5G Arena Special Area, where real-time 5G technology was showcased. Under the main sponsorship of Vodafone Business; In the 5G Arena, which was built with the solution partnership of Nokia, MEXT and Deutsche Messe, local and international brands offering technology solutions to vertical sectors and Turkey's first industrial 5G scenarios will attract great attention from the visitors. The biggest opportunity waiting for the visitors at the 5G Arena will be to experience the 5G use cases that factories need most as a result of cooperation with 29 companies.

With the Industry 4.0 Festival Area, Compressed Air Special Area, Generator Special Area, Process Automation Special Area and Robot Automation Special Area at WIN EURASIA 2022, professionals operating in different industrial fields have the chance to have detailed information on the subjects they are interested in. In addition, this year, a comprehensive Purchasing Committee organization is held with the cooperation of the Machinery Exporters' Association (MAİB) and the Turkish Machinery Federation (MAKFED), with more than 150 specially qualified buyers from 18 countries.

“WIN EURASIA will pave the way for the sectors”

Hannover Fairs Turkey General Manager Annika Klar, who spoke at the opening of the fair, stated that WIN EURASIA will pave the way for the sectors and said, “We bring together the developments in line with the visionary perspectives, human and machine cooperation, creativity and entrepreneurship basic spirit at our fair. We will have the chance to listen to the experience and visionary thoughts of industry professionals at our fair. Another important issue for WIN EURASIA 2022 is that the 5G technology, which is planned to be put into industrial use, will be introduced for the first time in Turkey at a fair. We will have the chance to see the benefits of this technology in the area we call 5G Arena. Deutsche Messe, While helping many small businesses become world market leaders, it also supports large enterprises on their way to further expansion, offering its participants the potential to gain new customers around the world. This understanding is also our basic philosophy as Hannover Fairs Turkey. In this direction, WIN EURASIA Fair, where all the product groups needed for the factories of the future will be presented closely, will pave the way for the sectors.”

Latest technologies at WIN EURASIA

Stating that WIN EURASIA Fair is a platform that meets all these needs of our manufacturing industry and technology suppliers, Deputy Minister of Industry and Technology M. Fatih Kacır said, “The WIN EURASIA Fair, which is held on a total area of ​​24 thousand square meters with nearly 500 companies from 17 countries, is our manufacturing industry. We are pleased to see that it is a platform that meets all these needs of our technology and technology suppliers. Our manufacturing industry during the 4-day fair; will have the opportunity to find answers to their problems and questions in the field of digital transformation, smart production and 5G this year. By experiencing the latest generation technologies, they will determine the most suitable solutions for them. Our suppliers, who produce high value-added products and services, will have a single point of access to their customers from both the domestic and foreign markets.” he said.

Hasan Büyükdede, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Technology, said, “We can no longer talk about a production without a machine; We are in a period where manufacturing branches whose machines are not smart and efficient and whose production lines are devoid of digitalization do not have a chance to compete. The WIN EURASIA fair, which we have opened today, is of great importance for us to closely examine the world's accepted innovations in terms of bringing sector professionals together and being one of the most important industry fairs in Eurasia. We are very happy that this fair, which brings together the entire ecosystem needed for the factories of the future, is growing rapidly every year.” used the phrases.

“WIN EURASIA acts as a bridge”

Belit Onay, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Deutsche Messe and Mayor of Hannover, said, “The great significance of this fair, where industrial and technological potential will be presented, is indisputable. This fair also acts as a bridge between Germany and Turkey as well as Istanbul and Hannover. WIN EURASIA Fair is also an important example of where collaborative work will take us. It is very nice to see the energy and motivation, participation, and new products we see here today after the pandemic. In this context, Deucthe Messe brings together industrialists in order to intensify economic exchange between the two countries.” made a statement.

Ayşegül Arıcan Şeker, Vice Chairman of Vodafone Turkey Executive Board, said: “As Vodafone, we take a leading role with our global know-how in 5G technology, which will offer data transfer to Turkey with much higher speed and capacity, as well as lower latency. With the general use of 5G technology, we aim to increase the efficiency of the entire production sector with the solutions we offer. The productivity and productivity increase achieved with 5G technology, which is expected to create significant added value in all sectors, will accelerate the digital transformation of many industries and ensure the rapid growth of the digital economy.

 We are waiting for you at our booth numbered Hall 4 / F850 at Win Eurasia Fair, where we are a media partner and participant  .


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