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The countdown to the 6th International Istanbul Hardware Fair started

The countdown has begun for the 6th International Istanbul Hardware Fair, the only arena of the hardware and hardware industry that will open to the world in 2022, with nearly 250 exhibitors and 20,000 items of product variety, with a 95 percent occupancy rate.

The countdown to the 6th International Istanbul Hardware Fair started

The hardware and hardware sector, which has a common bond with all industrial branches; 20 thousand pencil and pencil stations, which provide product supply in production, assembly and repair systems and the return of equipment, are preparing to show at the International Istanbul Hardware Fair from September 15-18. In the first order, the fair, which now serves as a benchmark for this industry in the world, has become a commercial organization for the necessary brands, as well as for the local and guests, with its 6th year.

Continuing the boundaries of its strong comprehensive presentation for commercial relations with the Middle East and North Africa regions with its northern location in Eurasia, Istanbul Hardware Fair will be held on an area of ​​25,000 m2, which has been enlarged with the slogan of "Together" until the end of 2022, and is heavily demanded. . moving to situations.

Innovation, an innovative and a universal dynamism Istanbul Hardware Fair, between 15-18 September, electrified and mechanical machinery and accessories, welding machines and electrodes, DIY (own) products, cutting Internationaldirin nails and abrasives; It has a wide range of products from laser safety and work equipment to insulation, insulation and isolation materials, painters and lock accessories.

You are making a greater contribution to the field of intense interest in the sector at the fair, which is a final and final one in the area of ​​MENA geography for 6 hires.

The export target of the sector is 15 billion dollars

The Turkish hardware industry is preparing to break a record in exports by making a significant breakthrough this year. Received orders to reveal Turkey's new production center in the world. With the unfolding events, the Russia-Ukraine stalemate, China's central closure, Europe, MENA and Africa new production targets revealed more potential. This direction-strategic structure is at the edge of the map, with its stylish production, in the target market position. Considering the exports to be made at the fair to be held at the pandemic fair, Istanbul Hardware will create sales agreements of over 15 billion dollars in 15-18 September 2022 with close to 300 shots.

The first and only international independent hardware and hardware center in Turkey

With the effect of being Turkey's first and only international fair in the hardware and hardware sector, it welcomes visitors from 81 provinces of Turkey. The fair also provides an intense trade environment with Turkey's chambers of commerce and industry and civil groups formed by those coming from industrial zones.

Zülküf Karadayı, who has been managing the project since the first year of the Istanbul Hardware Fair, made the following statement about the fair:

“The fair reached 95 percent occupancy rate. Karbosan, as Platinum Sponsor, gave one of the biggest supports to the organization, which includes the leading brands of the hardware and hardware industry, as in previous years. The fair, which has become an effective platform in the Eurasia and MENA regions where domestic manufacturers can show up in the international arena, provides a strong dealer partnership with its professional visitors in the countries of the region. In recent years, we can see the increasing diversity in domestic products as a natural result of the increase in production investments in the hardware and hardware sector. In line with the developments in the world, we are aware of a serious demand intensity for our region. Our domestic manufacturers have come to a position where they can compete with their competitors abroad with their quality products. Thus, the sector is not only domestic; is ready to take an important share in the world market with its quality. In its 6th year, our fair has become traditional as the strongest market for brands that want to open up to the world. As a result of our 6 years of work, we can proudly say that our fair is on the agenda of important investors and buyers, especially in the Middle East and North Africa regions. In addition, we are excited to exhibit our fair, where all sector players open an exhibition with 20 thousand item types in the 25 thousand square meter area in the 5th, 6th and 7th halls, which we have just moved to, for 4 days.”

Educational training in horseshoe hardware business and International Hardware Fair visit for you

Istanbul Hardware, the international shopping center of the sector at the university, will be held on September 15-18, 2022, for the 6th time at IFC 5.6.7.hall. Join this great meeting and take your place! For free invitation and detailed information;


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