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Start-Ups that give strength and direction to the sector will appear at the Construction Fair!

Yapı – Turkeybuild Istanbul, the largest in the region and the most important platform of the building industry, is preparing to bring together purchasing professionals from many different points of the world with local manufacturers at TÜYAP on March 23 - 26.

Start-Ups that give strength and direction to the sector will appear at the Construction Fair!

"YAPI TECH GARAGE", which welcomes entrepreneurs operating in the construction sector by breaking new ground in 2021, is preparing to embrace new initiatives this year as well.

It is held for the 44th time.

Yapı – Turkeybuild Istanbul, which is among the 5 carrier industry fairs organized by Hyve Group in Turkey, is being held for the 44th time this year. Yapı – Turkeybuild Istanbul, the cooperation platform where the construction industry meets, will bring together the local participants and manufacturers of our industry, which provides foreign currency inflows to the country and has a significant share in the export item, with foreign buyers.

We are looking for start-ups that will shape the sector.

“YAPI TECH GARAGE”, which hosted the entrepreneurs operating in the building sector last year, will give the opportunity to exhibit the innovative and solution-oriented services they have developed for new enterprises this year. Participating companies and technology entrepreneurs, who attract great attention from visitors, will meet with industry professionals in this area, which is reserved exclusively for building and architectural entrepreneurs who stand out with their newest products and technologies. In this period when innovation and creative ideas are most needed; They will be able to introduce the solutions they have developed and create new business opportunities. In our time when the start-up perspective is changing the dynamics of the sectors by offering groundbreaking solutions, Yapı Fair, which is preparing to bring together entrepreneurs who do brave deeds in the construction and real estate sector, invites entrepreneurs who say "the sector gains momentum with my product" and who develop sector-specific technological and scalable products.

With Yapı Tech Garage, the sector will renew itself.

Banu Keskin, Director of Hyve Fairs Construction Fair; “The pandemic period has shown us once again that it has become a very important rule to follow technology and integrate innovation developments within the company. The chip shortage in the world stands out as the best example of this. Again, when we retreated to homes, we saw that new software was indispensable in our lives. The active use of information and communication technologies in every field is spreading at an incredible speed all over the world. Entrepreneurial perspective and innovative approaches in many sectors from health to energy, from automotive to textile are radically changing the way of doing business.” said.

Keskin continued: “In the construction sector, which is one of the sectors that benefit the least from technological developments, the way of doing business is still largely based on traditional foundations. Insisting on traditional methods in the construction processes of multi-million lira projects causes delays in works, exceeding budgets and workplace safety problems. According to the researches, the construction industry works with high efficiency and time loss all over the world. This sector, which accounts for 17% of the global economy, has great potential for innovation with all its shortcomings. In recent years, the whole world has been discovering these potentials and has turned to start-ups to solve the inefficiency in the construction industry. The world seeks to radically change the design and construction processes. Investments in building technologies are increasing every year. We, as Hyve Fair Organization, have been acting together with the sector in the sector since 1978, contributing to the development of the construction sector in Turkey. With YAPI TECH GARAGE, which we established under the roof of Yapı Fair last year, we aim to be a platform that supports the entrepreneurial perspective in the sector, makes room for innovation and brings start-ups together with the construction sector.”

This year's theme is "Sustainability in Building"

Within the scope of the sustainability theme, it also hosts Zero Build 2022 at the Construction Fair. Outline in ZeroBuild 2022; technology sessions, networking opportunities and focused presentations will be the subject of how to develop 'Zero Energy Buildings' and how to achieve transformation. New products and technologies for zero energy buildings and many industry-leading brands will take place at the fair, which will be held simultaneously. At the stands to be set up in the special area reserved for the "ZeroBuild Network Zone", visitors will have the opportunity to examine the solutions offered in order to operate their buildings more efficiently and to minimize their environmental impact. ZeroBuild Summit'22 Director, Dr. Gamze Karanfil: “We organized ZeroBuild Turkey, which we have been organizing digitally for two years in order to keep the transformation to Zero Energy Buildings on the national agenda, this year as the International Zero Energy Buildings Summit-ZeroBuild Summit'22, between 23-26 March 2022, the 44th Building Fair TurkeyBuild. We are experiencing the excitement of physically performing it in Istanbul. At ZeroBuild Summit'22, which will professionally address all aspects of 'Zero Energy Buildings'; We aim to create an efficient platform full of business development activities in order to introduce new ideas by interacting between the public, private sector and academia.

As ZeroBuild Summit'22, we believe that it is important to support entrepreneurship in the recent times when Turkey's entrepreneurship ecosystem has achieved significant success and to create new channels that can encourage start-ups and enable them to implement their new ideas. In this context, to participate in the YAPI TECH GARAGE Start-Up Event Area Project, which will be held for the second time this year by Yapı – Turkeybuild Istanbul; We welcome all start-ups that support the transformation to Zero Energy Buildings, accept Zero Energy/Zero Emission/Zero Waste targets and continue their activities in line with these targets.” said.

Visitors will meet many innovations at Yapı Tech Garage

Visitors who want to follow the trends will have the opportunity to get to know new products that offer different possibilities from the design stage to the building delivery stage, with technologies such as smart construction materials, BIM, virtual and augmented reality, building mobile applications, artificial intelligence, internet of things, robotics and three-dimensional production. Thanks to the products developed by the start-ups for the building sector, automating the building design processes with artificial intelligence applications, learning facilitating applications such as 3D modeling, viewing designs as close to reality with VR technology, finding the most suitable business partners with applications that offer networking, They will be able to experience services such as simplifying complex processes such as management, revision and reporting, and understanding the codes of sustainable material production. Construction Fair visitors and industry professionals who want to meet Yapı Tech Garage will also have the opportunity to see the efficiency and snow models developed in accordance with the "zero energy building" principle, to explore "passive building production" and "sustainable building and material and design techniques".

Open Call for Entrepreneurs: Deadline February 18!

Yapı Fair, which offers not only project opportunities but also opportunities to develop business networks to the start-ups that steer the sector, invites entrepreneurs who say that they have developed a product that can change the production processes in the construction sector and that will benefit the sector, to apply to YAPI TECH GARAGE.

If you say that we have developed a product that can change the production processes in the construction industry and benefit the industry, you can take your place on this stage!


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