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Sanction decision from the USA on 2 Russian-linked ships and 1 company in Nord Stream 2

Foreign Minister Blinken announced that 1 Russia-linked company and 2 ships involved in the Nord Stream 2 pipeline project will be put on the sanction list.

Sanction decision from the USA on 2 Russian-linked ships and 1 company in Nord Stream 2

The USA Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced that they submitted the updated report on the Nord Stream-2 pipeline project to the congress under the 2019 European Energy Security Protection Act (PEESA).

In a written statement regarding the report, Blinken said, "The report lists two ships in the Nord Stream-2 pipeline and Transadria Ltd., a Russia-linked entity. Transadria Ltd. will be sanctioned under PEESA and its ship, Marlin, will be identified as blocked goods." provided the information.

Blinken stated that the report they presented is an indication of the US administration's opposition to the Nord Stream-2 pipeline project and its commitment to the PEESA law.


Stating that with the sanctions covered in this report, they have imposed sanctions on 8 people so far and that a total of 17 ships have been identified as blocked property in accordance with PESA in connection with the Nord Stream-2 project, Blinken said, "As the administration, we continue to oppose the Nord Stream-2 pipeline, especially with our sanctions. "We will continue to work with Germany and our other allies to mitigate the pipeline's risks to Ukraine, frontline NATO and EU countries, and to counter Russia's harmful activities, including in the energy field." made statements.


With the Nord Stream 2 project, the total cost of which is calculated as approximately 10 billion euros, it is planned to transport 55 billion cubic meters of Russian gas annually to Germany via the Baltic Sea.

Among the partners of the project, which Ukraine, Poland and the Baltic countries oppose the construction of, are companies such as Shell, OMV, Engie, Uniper and Wintershall, as well as the project owner Gazprom.



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