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International real estate fair MIPIM will be held on March 15-18

The event, where GYODER will take place with its 300 square meter "Istanbul Tent" and which will bring together sector representatives with foreign investors, is expected to open the doors of new business connections to Turkish companies.

International real estate fair MIPIM will be held on March 15-18

Giant players of the world real estate sector will come together at MIPIM, which will be held for the 31st time in Cannes, France on March 15-18, 2022. The works carried out by GYODER and Alkaş regarding the fair were launched at Mandarin Oriental Bosphorus on Wednesday, December 15th. In MIPIM 2022, where Alkaş is the official representative of Turkey, the “Istanbul Tent” will be established this year under the leadership of GYODER. In the launch session, the Minister of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change, Murat Kurum, emphasized that he will make the real estate and construction sectors the strategic power of Turkey and that this will be achieved together. “Today, the biggest role in the economic growth of this country belongs to our construction sector, the locomotive of our future, and our investors. Although the economic recession experienced all over the world due to Kovid-19 has affected our country, the Turkish real estate and construction sector has once again demonstrated its strength with its superior performance during the epidemic period. On the occasion of this special meeting; I would like to make a call to our industry. We want to revive our industry, we want to strengthen it. We want to increase production, employment, contribute to growth and economy by activating medium and small-scale investors.” He invited the industry to MIPIM fair to represent Turkey.

Referring to the green development revolution, the Authority said, "There are two goals for all of us. The 2053 net zero emission target and the green development revolution. With the green development revolution, all concepts from environmentalism, urbanism, agriculture, commerce, industry and even art will radically change. will transform. We can achieve an important position in global competition by accelerating innovative investments and creating favorable conditional finance mechanisms. This is exactly why; We see the fight against climate change not only as an environmental issue, but also as a development issue.

We are getting ready to take part in MIPIM 2022 with the Istanbul Pavilion.

GYODER Chairman of the Board Mehmet Kalyoncu emphasized that the GYODER Istanbul Tent, where Turkey's world-wide inspiring projects will be presented, will take its place in one of the most visible and effective areas in MIPIM 2022; “MIPIM is a valuable and extremely important organization that brings together thousands of brands, including cities, local governments, investors, architects, developers, users and service providers every year. This year, the main purpose of GYODER at MIPIM is to tell our strong stories in our 4T principles, where we emphasize our Nature, Technology, Design and Society-oriented sensitivities, which form the basis of our vision in the development process of our built environment, and also to establish the necessary infrastructure for one-to-one meetings with corporate foreign investors.

We need to convey that the developers in our country are highly competent and world-class companies, and that our legislation is designed to facilitate investors. We know that one image, one voice, one message is very important in order to make this whole holistic approach even stronger. We believe that the alliance of important players in real estate will be better represented on the roof of GYODER. We aim to demonstrate our pioneering stance on these issues by holding panels on design, technology, society and nature within the framework of our main vision, which we define as 4T, throughout the entire fair, and by hosting leading speakers in their fields. We believe that this effort will bring along important opportunities for our companies in different fields of the building industry. ” he declared.


Alkaş Chairman of the Board of Directors and MIPIM official representative Avi Alkaş stated that Turkish real estate companies, which have signed giant projects all over the world, can have a say in nearby geographies by competing instead of competing during the pandemic period. He also noted that at this event, how the real estate sector will be shaped after the pandemic and how the Turkish real estate sector will adapt to this process were discussed; “In addition to being competitive, we are moving to an order brought about by working together. With this competitive approach, it becomes very important for even competitive companies to grow the market together and encourage joint development.”

Expressing that they are proud to organize this year's event as MIPIM Representative, Alkaş Chairman of the Board Avi Alkaş said: “In MIPIM, which is seen as the champions league of the international real estate sector, new applications are revealed in addition to the architectural and all kinds of financial solutions in our cities and urban life in the world. It has been one of our most important duties to represent Turkey on a platform with the Istanbul tent in the international arena.”

Avi Alkaş announced that the Istanbul tent has been moved to a more central area this year under the leadership of GYODER at MIPIM, which will be held this year and where Turkey has been represented very successfully for years; “While the Istanbul tent brings together all the stakeholders in the sector, it also appears as a place where they examine the innovations and new trends in the sector. We always want to leave a better and more beautiful world to the new generations. For this reason, such studies carried out in the global arena gain even more importance”.


MIPIM 2022, the most distinguished fair of the world real estate industry, which will be held for the 31st time next year in Cannes, France, of which ALKAŞ is the representative of Turkey, will take place in March. At the MIPIM Fair, where investments in the real estate sector from all over the world are shared and more than 1 million business cards are exchanged daily, foreign participants are told about the investment potential and opportunities in Turkey.

While the number of participating countries, which was 90 in MIPIM 2019, increased to 100, the area where the fair was held increased from 20 thousand square meters to 21 thousand 500 square meters. During MIPIM in 2019, the number of visitors increased from 25 thousand the previous year to 26 thousand. In 2022, more than 26 thousand people are expected to visit MIPIM.

MIPIM, which could not be realized in 2020 due to the pandemic, registered 5 thousand in the field of project finance, 4,800 in the field of developers, 2 thousand in the field of architecture, 1,600 in the field of property owners, 4 thousand in the field of service providers, and 5,400 in the field of portfolio management and secondary markets. had it done.



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